soqi enzymes

 Soqi Enzymes
Chi Formula and Nature’s Profile:

Our body also depends on nutritional energy to function. Even with smooth and oxygenated blood, the body cannot work without proper nutrients . For example Nutrients like chi formula and a form of catalytic protein that is enzyme. that  must be present in order for the body system to perform its function, insufficient nutrients will lead to cell malfunction, poor health conditions, critical illness and eventually death.

In present days , The diet and food consumed by people contain large amount of chemical, imbalance diet, toxic food that might choke up the body system and cause the body to degenerate and ultimately leading to all kinds of chronic disease and illnesses. They need to supplement the body with proper nutrients is critical, helping the body to remove toxin and rejuvenate the cell, to built up a strong immune system and enable the process of self-healing.

Sun Ancon Total Enzyme:

Enzymes are essential to the body digestion, absorption and waste removal.

Our Total Enzyme extracts from 86 kinds of Vegetables and fruits, including all kinds of enzymes for our body needs. Through the Catalysis from the Enzyme, it can increase the metabolism , balance our body PH, improve digestions and absorption, to maintain our body function.

HTE New Enzyme:

An antioxidant that protects cells, help digestion and promote proper nutrients absorption
Enzymes are catalytic proteins: Enzymes are not only the foundation and catalysts of human life, they are fundamental to having and maintaining healthy cells and thereby a healthy mind and body.
They spawn chemical reactions between two substances to generate a new substance and They regulate chemical processes in living cells. Enzymes regulate the normal processes of digestion, absorption, detoxification, blood circulation, and waste removal all essential to the very functions that makes human life possible. Enzymes are not only the foundation of human life, they are fundamental the HEALTH.

Chi Formula:

Our Chi Formula herbal aerobic food is specially formulated, primarily from Siberian Ginseng, in combination with other compounds. Our Chi Formula provides a perfect combination of health maintenance as well as therapy —destroying and purging you of the things threatening your health and then bestowing on you great energy and vitality leading to more radiant beauty. Anticipate your internal organs regaining their function without any side effects.Helps suppress depression, releases stress and reduces fatigue.


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