Yoga for stress relief South DublinWell designed stress management program with natural medicine and evidence based therapies for who were working in the stressful environment.

Stress management program which is suitable for Executives, Bank officials, IT professionals,Teaching professional, Students etc,.

These are truly stressful times we live in. body, mind and spirit are all subjected to the ravages of day-to-da stress. Worries about security, economic difficulties, emotional trauma, and stressors like these can take a toll on health and longevity if not addressed in a timely fashion.

To be effective in treating stress, it’s important to be specific. With the Natural medicine (Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Yoga therapy and Acupuncture) approach, we always try to target the etiological (causal) factors and then bring that area into balance. But we are careful not to create imbalance in other areas that may produce negative side effects.

These are three different manifestation of day-to-day stress from the perspective of natural medicine- mental, emotional, and physical. Each requires different approaches and therapies.

Yoga for stress related psychosomatic disorders

You can learn how to use yoga to alleiviate:

Reduces tension & Anxiety (Exam or work).

Panic attacks

Mood swings

Reduces a cramps Improves concentration and improving sleeping patterns.